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    Premiere Elements 12 takes a long time to load when on a network.


      We currently have a user that uses the following version of Premiere Elements 12

      Version: 12.1 20140225.12.1.620828


      Updater states that everything this up to date.


      Laptop is a Lenovo T430 with 8gigs of RAM, 500gig HD, Intel 4000 Video Driver, Windows 7 professional on a domain. 3rd Gen i5 Processor.


      When the user is on the network via his docking station, it takes a good 5 minutes before the program launches and appears after clicking on the icon.  It takes another 3 to 5 minutes to respond where the cursor is not spinning and you can click on the menu items.


      Now, if the laptop is 'Off' the network either in the office or at the users home on wifi but not connected to the network, the program opens and responds with no issues what so ever.


      Preferences are set to use and access everything on the C: drive.  Is Premiere Elements scanning the network drives for media and if so, is there a way to change that so it doesn't?