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    php in edge animate?


      Trying to figure out how to read data from an mysql database into edge animate... I've been looking at things posted previously (such as using the jquery .ajax function to call back something in the database).... I'm just trying to see how this can actually work.... I haven't seen any examples of exactly how to post into a database in edge files nor retrieve anthing back... does anyone have a concrete example: like how to actually call the database correctly from their edge file (where exactly this code is placed) and syntax examples of how to write to and retrieve back from it..... I tried changing my index.html to index.php... but that doesn't seem to be working:


      <body style="margin:0;padding:0;">

      echo "Hello world!";

      <br />

      Agent: So who do you think you are, anyhow?

      <div id="Stage" class="EDGE-172492634">



      So I think it'd be best to use the jquery ajax function inside edge.... but after scouring the internet can't find any examples or source files to try and emulate... if anyone could give some help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,