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    Flash Player on Android Tablet




      I have just purchased a new Samsung tablet as a lighter and more portable alternative to my heavy laptop.


      As it is a new one I thought that I would be able to play my games that I play on my computer quite easily.  It seems that the issue I am having at the moment is not one of the games compatibility, it is one of having Flash Player on my tablet.  This is something I expected to not be a problem. 


      Can you please advise why I am unable to get Adobe Flash Player on my new Samsung tablet that has Android OS 4.4 KitKat? 


      I have tried to install the archived version of Flash Player but unfortunately the game I am playing (Farmville 2) requires the latest version, so that doesn't work.


      Can you please advise how I can rectify this issue? 


      Thank you for your help.