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    Adding One Event (Touch) at Different Times to One Symbol?




      I've searched to see if this has been answered. However, nothing seems to solve it fully.


      The Problem:

      I have a tablet design with multiple pages (three pages) and only one arrow button to move between pages in the lower right corner of the screen.

      In theory, a user could press the button and the first page would deconstruct off and the next page would build on.


      I would like this to happen for every page so a user can tap through the entire experience without swiping, looping back to the first page. I've been able to easily set up getting from the first page

      onto the second (this uses the symbol for one touch event using triggers to start and stop).


      The Question:

      How to I make a button (symbol) do the same action at different times? For instance, from 1-2 seconds, the button action moves from page 1 to page 2. At 2-3 seconds, the button would then switch to be an entirely different click event for transitioning

      between pages 2 to 3?


      I just don't want to have to build multiple buttons and would rather solve this through code.


      Thanks for any help!