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    MXF decode errors and red frames in exports


      Ever since upgrading to Premiere Pro release 2014.2 (8.2.0 (65) Build) we've been having problems with random red frames appearing in our exports.  These errors are always associated with our Sony PMW-200 media files (.mxf files.)  Red frames during editing happen very rarely, but are usually present in our exports.  For short form work re-exporting the sequence will work sometimes, but may cause red frames to appear elsewhere...  For long form work we've adopted a very lengthy work-around to fix the errors after exporting.


      Phone support recommended deleting the media cache files, but we've tried that and the problem still exists.  This problem is happening with new media that has been imported since the upgrade as well as old media that we imported before the upgrade.  We're editing with many mixed media files all in their native codec and the only media files that get flagged with decode errors are the .mxf files.


      We edit a large volume of work daily and this problem is a huge setback in our confidence with our exports as well as Adobe products.


      For the record were editing with Mac Pros that are about a 3-5 years old with OS X 10.8.5 and an Xsan shared storage system.  We have a Cloud for Teams subscription and all our software is updated frequently.


      Any thoughts would be helpful.  Personally I would love to escalate this problem to a higher level support team.





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          Torsten Frøstrup Level 1

          I have the same problem running Adobe CC on high-end PCs. - My business is smalish, but this leads to having a rather big impact on my confidence.


          MXF-files from Canon C300 and Sony FS7 platforms.


          - With FS7 footage I've had the frames appear throughout a clip with perfect distance (16 frames apart) - when applying Denoiser 2 from Red Giant. - The plugin simply stopped the frames from appearing on a random basis.

          - I've also experienced that when the error was present, dissolves became cuts.

          - I've tried to isolate software/hardware rendering, but it does not seem to change anything to select one over the other.


          I try work around it by rendering uncompressed sections of the timeline and replace it where it works, and then try again and again. - Very time-consuming and cumbersome.





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            editbreath Level 1

            Red frames on export as well as AME encoding errors/failures on export.

            Tried exporting sequence made up of PMW-700 XDCam camera files as MPEG-2 DVD files (.m2v, ac3) via Queue/AME, but generates MXF read errors and/or failures.

            Tried exporting sequence made up of PMW-700 XDCam camera files as ProRes 422 files (.mov) via Export, but creates red frames and errors include truncating 20 minute file to 2 minutes or 64 minute file to 15 minutes. 

            (Exports seem to stall at certain frames)


            Using PProCC2014.2 8.2.0 (65)

            MacPro late 2013 8-core, 64 GB, AMD D700

            Mac OS X 10.9.5



            No red frames on export or AME encoding failures on export of same files used above.

            Using PProCC 7.2.2 (33)

            MacPro late 2013 8-core, 64 GB, AMD D700 (same machine as above)

            Mac OS X 10.9.5

            (Exports running about 25% faster than PProCC2014 above --- and actually outputting the entire sequence!)

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              Same issue. "Decoding XMF Error" files from XF300 in PP CC 2015. Red frames. Clear cache and it helps for a sec.


              Mac Pro 3GHz 8-core

              10.10.4 64gb ram

              AMD FirePro D500