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    Photoshop touch for phones messes up on Note 4 resolution.

    thedicemaster Level 2

      I just installed Photoshop touch on my new Samsung galaxy note 4 after happily using it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

      I've found out it uses different methods to retrieve the device's resolution for different interface elements, making it completely unusable.

      here's a list of several things that go wrong:



      1:(low impact) loading indicators are much smaller than they should be.



      2:(low impact) the zoom indicator is off by 2/3rd.

      when I zoom in to what I know to be 100% Photoshop claims I'm at 33%.

      if I zoom in to what Photoshop thinks is 100% I'm actually at 300%.

      I've done some testing and it seems the zoom function is based off a screen size of 480x854 while my screen is 1440x2560.



      3:(medium impact, exacerbated by other issues) the bar for settings colors for gradients is less than half the width it should be, leaving very little space to work with.



      4:(high impact) this is going to be a long one, so first a little back story on a feature of convenience added to the phone version: touch zones.

      certain interface elements, mostly the ones in the form of a white dot with either a symbol or a color on them, have a "touch zone" surrounding them.

      the dots will respond even if you miss, as long as you touch within their touch zone.

      this reduces frustration when trying to manipulate images using fat fingers.

      unfortunately this feature contains 2 bugs.

      -1: touch zones override dots, so if 2 dots are within each other's touch zone attempting to move 1 dot by touching it precisely can cause the other dot which is further away from your finger/stylus to move instead.

      this wouldn't be that much of an issue if it wasn't for bug 2.

      -2: the touch zones on the note 4 are 2CM (almost 1 inch) wide.

      this means it's completely impossible to alter gradients, and causes resize/cropping tools to misread actions.

      actions like stretching to the right, or moving to the right instead cause shrinking from the left side.



      right now the tablet version is more usable than the phone version on the note 4.

      this really needs to be fixed.



      some suggestions:

      fix overlapping touch zones, so the nearest dot always responds.

      reduce the touch zone size, nobody is that inaccurate.

      find a way to reliably retrieve the screen resolution on the note 4, or add an automatic override if Photoshop touch detects its running on a note 4.