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    Missing side panel on import dialogue??

    BrendaTharp Level 1

      When I am in the import dialogue box on my iMac, the sidebar box for option to import duplicates or not is missing, along with the option to make a second copy backup. But on my laptop, they show up just fine. Any ideas why? We discovered this problem when my partner noticed that he had some backups being done since early February on all his imports. In the lower left corner of the import dialogue box, there's an arrow. Click on it and it shows you less options than the full screen, and it shows the settings for duplicate and backups being set on his computer. but he doesn't have any preset in use, has restored them to default in fact, and cannot change them anywhere. That led us to wonder if it was the same on our laptops, so we checked and that's when we noticed that on the laptop those option boxes are showing.


      Did he somehow inadvertently hide those panels? there's no option to click on the 'flyout' arrow to expand - the boxes are simply not there. And this is true on my iMac as well. We admittedly have older iMacs, but why should that matter in this case?


      Puzzled, and frustrated, because our main libraries are accessed through our iMacs, and we need to be sure that we can change those settings when we want. In his case, he needs to uncheck the 'make a second copy to' and check 'don't allow suspected duplicates' but can't!


      thanks for any help.