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    Update header in all the files

    VeluVK Level 1



      I am using InDesign CS6 windows version.


      One of our clients wants the headers in every top of pages (like below)




      I have fixed all the headers in the below character styles.





      We have multiple number of chapters, and each chapters having separate InDesign Application files (around 20 chapters).



      We have fixed this banner in all the master pages. Our InDesign file having 8 Master pages.


      For example: If revision will change into Cycle2. I need to update all the master pages and also i need to update all the 20 Chapters.


      For every time we are doing manually. it will take more time.



      Anyone please provide the script for this process.


      Suppose i need to update Cycle1 to cycle2, It needs to update in all the files and all the master pages.