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    Weird thing here.


      I need help!
      Just came back from the beautiful Bahamas took about one thousand photos. At the end of each day I would transfer that batch to a hard drive and then to lightroom and went about my business. I had a catalog and everything was dandy until I got home. I bought a cd with photos at Atlantis transfered that cd to lightroom and NOW I cannot find any of my pictures in the hard drive in lightroom. The folder BAHAMAS in the HD is there with all DNG photos but Lightroom only see the pictures from the CD I purchased. What did I do wrong? I do have the chance to import all 1200 pictures but do I have to?


      Thanks in advance.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          What collection are you viewing your files in?  "previous import"?  "all photos"?


          Does the Folders pane give you your images?


          Does the file brower (File Explorer or Finder) show you your images still on the hard drive?

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            Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

            How do you transfered the cd into your Lightroom?


            Do you have only imported the pictures from the CD into Lightroom? If yes, the pictures only inserted into the catalog. Choose in the Import dialog the "Copy" option. The the pictures were copy to a folder that you can choose and imported to LR.