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    Researching PC laptops that will run Premiere Pro CC. I am unfamiliar with tech specs. Please help!

    Tess P.
      I am an independent filmmaker who is looking to invest in a better and faster laptop to accommodate Premiere Pro CC. I'm a current PC user and love it, and I am trying to stay with the PC OS. I'm not familiar with tech specs, but in my extensive research, this ASUS laptop seems to match almost all of the Adobe System Requirements for Premiere Pro CC (2014). Though, some are not mentioned, so I wasn't sure if it matches up completely.

      https://www.insight.com/insightweb/product/ASUS-X750JA-DB71-17.3%22-Core-i7-4700HQ-Windows -8-64-bit-8-GB-RAM-1-TB-HDD/X750JA-DB71/true/search

      I don't want to spend a big chunk of money on a new piece of technology if it won't be able to do what I need it to do. Please help!

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Personally I would not be happy with that unit.  I am delighted running an ASUS G750JW and now they have the G751 versions but they are not in that ball park price wise.  Forget Adobe's System Requirements as they are absolute minimums that you would not be happy with the performance   The CPU in that unit is OK but the maximum RAM is 8 GB, it has a lousy single disk drive is only 5400 rpm, and according to the referenced unit specs it is only a SATA 3 GB/second interface so upgrading to an SSD is not a great option.  It also does not have a standalone nVidia CUDA graphics card so you get no GPU acceleration.


          Here is what I recommend.  Increase your budget to at least $1500.  Shop for a factory refurbished or open box laptop like one of the above that allows easy upgrading.  I purchased my 8 GB RAM unit for $900 added 16 GB more RAM and pulled out the 1 TB 5400 rpm drive and installed two good SSD's for around a total of $1500.  I am happily editing three 1080 AVCHD camera timelines with this setup.


          Here is a great Open Box laptop with lots of expansion capability.  It comes with 16 GB of RAM and a great nVidia GTX 970M graphics card and lots of expansion capability.  You can start immediately with this unit but when you can afford it get a 128 GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD and clone your OS/Application to the SSD.


          Here is a picture of the bottom of my unit (the G751 is very similar and you can see it has two disk slots (one available) and it will have two available RAM slots)  All accessible with the removal of one screw.



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            JFPhoton Level 3

            ...I totally second Bill's suggestion and information.....I did the EXACT SAME thing as he did, when my previous i7 laptop was hit by lightning and KILLED !! My "refurbished " Asus G750JW only cost $850 at the time, and arrived in a "like new" condition, with all the plastic film still on everything......it has been FLAWLESS in operation. It edits 1080p EASILY with multiple video tracks and GPU accelerated effects on the timeline.


            It is AMAZING how in just one year how much advancement has occurred in these "gaming" laptops, which can be used for video editing. However, you MUST be aware that these laptops MUST be plugged in while editing as they are "throttled" on battery power...no matter HOW you make the "power settings". Some newer models offer multiple mSATA slots, where you can create a high speed storage RAID 0 array....a Crucial mSATA 256GB SSD is only $89 right now at the "Egg".....2 or 3 of these in an MSI Dominator would provide a very fast place for your media and project files. The other, standard 2.5" SATA III port would be for your OS drive...again, a Crucial 256GB 550 SSD would be good there.


            Like Bill said....look for a refurbished, open box, or, maybe even slightly used machine that is "user upgradeable" to get the biggest bang for the buck. You will have to research VERY CAREFULLY however to insure EXACTLY which memory slots are already filled and if you have access to only SOME of the slots, or, ALL of the slots. Also, you must determine EXACTLY how the drive bays are configured. For example : one version of the MSI laptop that is a CHEAPER version still has the space for 3 separate mSATA drives,BUT, does NOT include necessary "adapters" to actually connect your OWN mSATA drives in that bay. I DID find a small RESELLER on the internet, ( in Pennsylvania, if I remember correctly) who will MODIFY a BASE model of the MSI for a VERY reasonable cost.....even LESS than it would cost to SELF upgrade !! He would add the memory to 32GB AND max out the potential for the storage configuration FOR you. With the proper "homework" you CAN find a very good machine without getting RAPED...it just takes patience, reading, and learning before pulling the trigger.


            Good Luck !!

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              There is also the new Clevo that uses Desktop CPU's instead of mobile, 32GB of ram along with Nvidia 980M graphics. The Model is here on Clevo's website but you buy them from resellers configured since their shells from Clevo.