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    Snippet resource definitions don't update

    Mijburgh Beukes

      Please help, InDesign is not behaving the way I expect it to do.


      When exporting a snippet with styling that is controlled solely by an object style (I've been careful to check for any stray local formatting), I've tried placing said snippets into a destination document that's got updated versions of said object styles in place.

      Once the snippet lands, it doesn't adopt the destination document's style definitions, but instead retains the styling it was saved with as an override. Does anyone know why this occurs, as it's contrary to what's stated in Adobe's help documentation.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Mijburgh – that could be a complicated case.
          Can you tell us more?
          What exactly are the overrides?


          Is the document where you place the snippet from the same version of InDesign where you exported the snippet?
          What exact version of InDesign and OS are you using?


          I would question the "soleley" in "is controlled soleley" if it comes to formatting and object styles.

          Could you make the snippet available for testing on Dropbox service (or something similar)?

          At least post some screenshots where we can see the deviations in formatting.

          Before/after placing.