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    Cursor position is wrong on windows 8.1


      From today, flash seems misunderstanding where my mouse cursor is. When I try to grab the object, I cannot do it. In stead, I need to point somewhere apart it (see video for details).

      I usually use pen tablet, and problem persists when I unplug pen tablet and use mouse instead. Problem doesn't occur on other adobe product like Photoshop or Illustrator.


      I tried all of below, but no luck...

      • update of flash
      • reboot the computer
      • uninstall/install flash


      Also I noticed toggle scale button on top right and layer-related buttons on bottom disappear at the same time I noticed the problem.


      I'm using Windows 81 64bit and latest flash (Build:


      Does anyone see the same problem?




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          Mukesh R Shah Adobe Employee

          You might be using Flash Pro on HiDPI machine. FlashPro is not yet supported on HiDPI.


          Please change your current resolution to 1024 x 900 or 1280 x 1024.


          Also please change the text display resolution/font size DPI to normal (100%) instead of medium or large (ie 125% or 150%). This setting is available under Screen Resolution.




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