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    Where are the Stamp Packs? Not displaying...


      Just purchased iPad Air 2, working with Adobe Line and I don't have the Slide Icon showing at the upper right corner as demonstrated in the introductory video. Slide works but I only have the basic tools available of line, square, triangle and circle. I have no access to the other options... Smart Packs, etc.


      Disappointed, forked out a bunch of bucks here and this is not working.

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Can you post a screen shot shot of what you're seeing?

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            sammyg Level 1

            I figured it out. I'm pretty literal in my thinking and when things do not match to what I've seen it's a little confusing. This is my first iPad, I'm getting familiar with it. I'm trying to follow tutorials and when they don't match up I'm a little confused. Add to that some of the frustrations that I'm reading elsewhere about iPad Air 2 and Ink and Pen and the money I've forked out to accomplish some specific things then my threshold was exceeded.


            So here's a frame from the video at Get started with Ink & Slide | Adobe Ink & Slide tutorials






            You will notice in the upper right hand corner next to the red pen icon that we have a selected slide icon.  Today that does not exist, it's now a circle/triangle icon and when you open that you get a menu quite different from the one in this instructional video. Someone has changed this in a subsequent upgrade to the Adobe Line app and of course I later figured you have to scroll down... duh.


            All is ok. I'm embarrassed to be a newbie, but I figured it out. Thanks.