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    Cant move audioclip (sideways) in timeline

    MiikaT Level 1

      I know that if your trying to move audiclip from track to another, you may run into problems. If tracks differ mono/stereo etc.


      After the latest update of Premiere Pro I've started to run into this weird problem of not being able to move certain audioclips sideways (left or to the right, or not into even another track). Some people have said that this is a feature... so if you have visible keyframes you cant change the position of the clip to avoid unintentional movement of the clip. If this is a feature I'm gonna LOL.


      Anycase I've tried everything. Clip is not linked/grouped. It doesnt have visible keyframes or keyframes at all. But its stuck. And this happens really often and it bothers me a lot. The only way to get the clip moving again is to cut&paste it and hope it doesnt get stuck. It doesnt get stuck after I've done something... It just happens.


      Any tips or ideas whats going on? I've run into few more serious bugs in the latest Pr version, so maybe this is a bug?