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    Indexing names in InDesign 5.5, swapping first name and last name




      I'm trying to index a bunch of names in a programme, but the problem I'm having is that the names listed in the body of the programme are in first name last name order. Like:

      John Doe, Jane Doe, Ben Long...

      And these index to be like

      John Doe..123, 123

      Jane Doe..123, 123

      Ben Long..123, 123


      But I need the index to be formatted differently, last name, first name. Like

      Doe, John..123, 123

      Doe, Jane..123, 123

      Long, Ben...123, 123


      Is there any way that I can index them as first name last name, but have them appear on the index as last name, first name?


      I'm using CS5.5 on a mac