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    After Effects plugin problem (I think)

    richlizard Level 1

      Hi all.


      I have searched everywhere for the answer to this problem and there seems to be numerous. But I just cannot get those answers to solve my issue.


      I learned from reading these forums that it is a good idea to use one single 'adjustment layer' to modify the effects for my video clips and it does make a lot of sense.


      To do that of course, I have had to move the order of my layers around as I do not want the video effect to also adjust images which I have scattered throughout the composition. Bit of a pain but no real issue there.


      I chose to keep warp stabilization on each clip as some clips needed it, others didn't and I would not know how to have the adjustment layer handle the on or off requirement of each clip.


      So I added hue/sat, exposure and shadow/highlight adjustments to the adjustment layer and it all made my video clips look consistent and how I want it. I saved the project last night all ready for me to render when I woke this morning. This is where the problems began and I have been on it for many hours now trying to solve to no avail.



      I open up my project as normal but before too long, I get the error message 'After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in 'warp stabilizer'.

      Soon followed by the message 'After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in 'Shadow/highlight'.


      Error messages then follow basically telling me the program is crashing.



      I read that to solve this, the plugins should be taken out of the program installation area. This worked, but of course I got the error message that they were missing when I opened the project. Then I put the warp stabilizer aex file back in the installation folder. This worked. My warp stabilization was now working ok in the project. At this point, I was feeling positive.
      I then put the shadow/highlights aex file back. Back to square one. Not only did it give me the error on the s/h but it was also back on the warp which was working ok before I put the s/h aex file back.


      If I don't bother working with shadow/highlight I could now carry on. But not only is this a bit defeatist and not as I want it, but also the problem might still crop up when attempting another effect so not really what I want to do.


      I also tried the method of pre-composing. I don't have any experience with this but it just seemed to give me a new composition with the adjustment layer hidden away and the preview I had was one without all my effects so seemed pretty useless to not be able to see what effects I was adding.


      I am sorely tempted to go back and forget adjustment layers as this problem didn't occur when I was just copy/pasting effects into each video clip.


      Can anyone help please?


      Thank you in advance.

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          richlizard Level 1

          Thinking about it, moving the layers around really didn't do much as the adjustment layer is still affecting images as well as the video clips as it is above them. May need another plan on that area. Perhaps put all image layers at the top and adjustment layer below them?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            What exact version of After Effects?


            What operating system?

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              richlizard Level 1

              CS6 and Windows 7

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It sounds to me like you are trying to use after effects as an editing program. Your workflow is way too complicated. Especially if you are using warp stabilizer. Warp stabilizer is a system resource hog. If you need to use it on a clip then you should only have that clip in your composition. Once it is stabilized you should render a production quality DI (Digital intermediate) then use that as your source for other effects.


                If you need to make compss with footage and other elements try to keep the After Effects comp to short sequences, then edit them in Premiere.


                Adjustment layers affect every layer below them. You can use adjustment layers for color correction but you should split them for every shot in your comp that needs to change.


                I hope these suggestions help you with your workflow. Having four or five shots in the same comp with warp stabilizer applied to each is a very poor and inefficient workflow.

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Is your CS6 updated to version 11.0.4?

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                    richlizard Level 1

                    Hi Rick and thanks for the reply.


                    I realise that the way I have been working is pretty poor and have recently attempted to start using PP as my main source of editing with AE being used for just effects. But won't that still have the problem?


                    Either way, this project was produced approx 9 months ago in AE. Since then, I have not only reduced the need to stabilize but learned so much more about color correction that this particular video of mine needs to be updated on my web site as it is really quite drab and dreary. So I was just attempting to put a blanket color correction over all the video clips by means of an adjustment layer. It works while AE is open, but then when closing it to re-open I get these messages appear.


                    ps If I do manage to get it sorted, would it be best to do the stabilizing in PP or in AE?


                    Thanks again.