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    BC being abandoned

    john stephanites Level 2

      Is Bc being abandoned? I am new to it so have been searching around for resources and most even on there site is 6 months or better (mostly) old. Even the sites that support Muse and such seem to be outdated. Have I come to the game to late?

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          Lynda-S Level 4

          Far from it.


          Some sites may have out-dated data but BC isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


          Official Docs for BC: User manual  This will be the most up-to-date on BC.

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            john stephanites Level 2

            I have seen the user manual and that reinforces my point. Most of those resources are a year old and short of the blog getting a post a month I don't see much happening.

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              Lynda-S Level 4

              I disagree with you. Much has been updated and is being added to the documentation. New KB articles are being added quite often.


              If you are referring to video documentation or Muse documentation then I am unsure as I don't use either of those docs.

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                Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                John - Development forums here - Active,

                Docs - Updated often (I know because I help update it)

                Blog - BC Migrating to new core engine of BC for sites - Big job.

                Latest release sore small but much long waited tweaks to web apps


                Liquid, BC.Next - Biggest changes to the platform in years, and you post nothing is happening, hehe.

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                  john stephanites Level 2

                  Awesome Lynda! No need to be rude Liam. From what I read they tell you if you use Muse or Dreamweaver do not develop site in BC just use for hosting. I have just started with Muse and have been searching quite a bit in the last month and it just seemed to be all older material.  I guess I am looking in the wrong places. I am just a little leery because of all the changes that are going on at Adobe and didn't want to waste a lot of time learning something only to have the rug pulled out. I know that they are a big company and are not going anywhere but that doesn't mean they will not stop supporting things when they become less lucrative. To me BC is very expensive and if I didn't have a membership I would use something else. Especially there email service. So I got to thinking (that's always bad lol) that they can't compete or it will be hard to compete in this market unless those services are priced more in line with everyone else. Just because it is integrated heavily into Muse and Dreamweaver doesn't mean there are not other options. I will use the other options for bulk email campaigns because the price is triple that of the competitors. I haven't looked into much else yet but that's a doozy. None of my customers will use it unless they send the allotted amount a month that is included. I have to say given a ten thousand free a month is a nice perk. Problem is most clients send more though. Anyway that is way off the topic of this post and I could be wrong but so far that is how I have seen it to be. Like I said I am a newb.

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                    Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Hi John, not being rude - Just doing bullets, a big long paragraph of things is a bit waffly which I been told of  times.


                    In terms of BC being expensive. For a same site on another platform when you...


                    - Get your 3rd party email campaigns

                    - Develop the eCommerce etc of the site

                    - Server cost

                    - Security Certificate

                    - If you want like for like - PCI compliance and cost to get that

                    - Email Service

                    - Maintenance and support costs


                    That adds up and it is not that far off the price to be honest, and BC throw in regular updates at no extra cost.

                    IF you look at say Spotify - a shop SAAS then it is cheaper on the initial set but they take a cut of the sales - which adds up to A LOT if you make a lot of sales. Same with what you mention about email campaigns - Other companies charge on a scale on your usage. The other thing you need to understand is they are 3rd party, you would have to code or pay for API integration to integrate with your BC CRM. BC email campaigns are built in and can have modules to render blogs, products and so on from the same system.


                    BC is only an addon in Dreamweaver and you do not have to use it to code sites in BC


                    I think John - Just look into BC more, trial it, look at all the new stuff.. Get a better understanding, actually read the blogs not just the dates, and check out the forums like the developers section more to get a feel of BC, where it is at and what it can do.

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                      john stephanites Level 2

                      That makes a lot of sense. Things such as you mention do add up. As a newb to B C I should investigate more before I open my trap! Thanks for the reply I have been looking into this a lot.  I believe I just need to put a temp up and  I think it will make much more sense then.

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                        john stephanites Level 2

                        Oh and one more thing I do tend to look at dates and not bother if it's too old seems a waste of time in most situations but that's just me!

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                          TheBCMan Adobe Community Professional

                          Wouldn't say abandoned (currently), the correct word is playing catch up to a degree.

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                            john stephanites Level 2

                            What about price. Do you think it it's worth it?

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                              TheBCMan Adobe Community Professional

                              For the price yes.

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                                john stephanites Level 2

                                Thanks for your input!