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    Synchronizing execution of a binding

      I have a slight problem binding the itemRenderer and dataProvider of a TileList.

      These properties on the tileList (dataProvider/itemRenderer) are bound to the currently selectedItem of a ComboBox.

      This selectedItem is a custom bindable object, specifying a dataProvider which is itself bound to a specific part of the model, along with a custom itemRenderer for that data in the model.

      The idea is that when a user selects an item from the ComboBox (that item denotes a "type" of media in the application context), then the TileList will change its dataProvider to the right part of the model, and switch to using the correct itemRenderer.

      The problem is, when the bindings execute, they do it asynchronously. Ideally I want the dataProvider to change first, then the itemRenderer. Also, I don't want the screen to update before these bindings have fully executed. What's happening is that the screen flickers as the dataprovider changes, gets rendered, then the itemRenderer changes, and gets renderered.

      Any clues?