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    How to use checkOutlines

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      I am new to font design, and found out about this tool to perform check on outlines. When I read the documentation it seems that it can fix outlines, from AFDKO overview:

      This tool will check the quality of the glyph outline data, and should always be used. It is very good at detecting serious problems, such as overlap and incorrect path direction. It is overly enthusiastic about finding a number of smaller issues, but is right often enough to be worth checking all the error messages. It can also fix the problems it finds, but you should always check any glyphs that it changed - the fixes are not always better than the original problem. It uses Just von Rossum's fontTools Python package for accessing and changing the font data.

      But there's no documentation on the options for this program (nor any of the other programs actually), when I run it all I get is a list of errors. How do I get it to actually fix the errors?

      I even saw that on the mojo.compile • RoboFont documentation page there's actually more about what it can do:

      • checkOutlines(fontPath, removeOverlap=True, correctContourDirection=True)
        FDK checkOutlines

      But I don't know how to set these options? Thanks in advance.



      Ok I see I had to type 'checkoutlines -h' to bring up the help text!


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