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    Interactive PDF 2 languages




      I've created a few interactive pdf's which have been really useful for clients. One of my clients has investors in Hong Kong so would like 2 languages in the pdf (English and Chinese), he wants it to function as if you were on a website so at the top right you can click English or Chinese.


      Has anyone had experience of using interactive pdf's like this? Any help would be really helpful. The only way I can think of is having 2 documents in the 1 pdf and when you click the Chinese language button it takes you to the page that language starts on, but that would mean having 2 documents in 1 which isn't ideal.


      Many thanks


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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          beckyj589582 wrote:


          ...but that would mean having 2 documents in 1 which isn't ideal.

          Yes, you would either have to deploy both languages in same file, or post separate files to an accessible web server and set hyperlinks in/between them.

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            MW Design Level 5

            A title page that has the language(s) listed as a button can have/use javascript to show/hide layers. Each language version can be on its own layer in the PDF (which means that's how ID would need to be set up). So for two languages, I can see having an ID file with three layers. One for the title page, one for each language you mention.


            I would design in ID, then use Acrobat to finish it off as regards adding the javascript commands to the button.