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    Effects with panel

      Hi everybody

      I'm trying to use a fade effect, using transitions on this scenario, i have a panel , which have inside it a tab control, which in turn have several tabs, with canvas as the base container, it also has several datagrids on it and a form. What i'm trying to do is to have a title window or another panel apearing on the top of this one but i can't seem to find a way, because i'm fading the panel from one state to the other where i have the second panel, i'm using transitions with paralel but it doesn't work, when it fades it fades the 1st panel and the 2nd on the new state and the text that eventually is on the 1st panel doesn't fade. Can someone tell me how to acomplish this?
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          peterent Level 2
          To fade text you need to embed the font. See 'embeded fonts" in the Flex documentation. The Flash Player needs to convert the font into vectors and make them drawing objects. Normally the Flash Player uses device fonts native to the computer running the Flash Player. This makes it possible to keep the SWF size small, but it comes at the price of issues like Fade (and rotate).
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            batmitra Level 1
            Thanks for your answer, i'll try that
            mean while i don't understand why can't i put a panel on top of other, when i do this part of the one that stays on top dissapears , is this only happening wit panels or is it with all components? my idea was to make a window with some data and open another with details from that data, on the top of the existing window, can you help me on this?
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              batmitra Level 1
              I found what i needed , and it was a pop up window , so i'm using the pop-up manager and it works perfectly
              Thanks for the attention