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      I'm working in Flash 8, and want to produce a slideshow where the little thumbnails are buttons which replace a central image with a new one by crossfading the old one out and the new one in on top of it; does anyone know the code to attach to the buttons? Something like: 'onclick fade up new image; fade down old image'...or whatever!!! I'm publishing as Flash 6.

      Do the central images have to be movie instances (with fades built in) or graphic instances?

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          One way would be to take your first picture and create a tween to fade in and out, then create framelabels and stop actions.
          So then, when a button is pressed you can say, gotoAndPlay("piconefadeout") and there also be a stop action at the end of the fade. to fade in, you would call the other framelabel.

          Or you can look at using the tween class. then you could wrtie something like this(you will have to up the correct systax)
          mypic.alphaTo(100, 3); where 3 is seconds to fade.
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            coldMiner Level 1
            Let's say you have 10 pics. Load the first one at depth 10, second at depth 9 etc.
            when user watch the first pic you are preloading the others!
            Have an onLoadComplete functions that sets all but the first picture to _visible = false.

            Alpha to 50% and disable the thumbnails of the pictures that is not finished loading ,
            enable and alpha to 100% when they are finished.
            When you press a button, let it call a function that swapDepths the picture to top,
            set the picture to _visible = true & _alpha = 0 and tween it to 100%.
            when tween finished set the previous picture to _visible = false.
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              johnnyblondon Level 1
              Thanks for replies - but I'm relatively new to actionscripting, so the scripting you suggest is a mystery to me. Any chance someone could email me a.fla file with a rudimentary working version of the slideshow?