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    When will Adobe update PP CC 2014 To Stop Crashes?

    tenorocity Level 1

      I am one of the disappointed Adobe PP CC 2014 8.2 users who continuously experiences crashes, despite following all the advice of Kevin Monahan and others on this forum.


      This has been a serious issue for many since July on both Mac and Windows platforms.  One simply has to review forums like this to see that it is not an isolated problem.


      I understand that Adobe cannot openly admit that its coding on PP CC 2014 may be sub par, but I would like to know when they expect to have a fix.


      I have reverted to PP CC and things are stable.  But, of course, I'd like to take advantage of some of the features of the newer releases.  


      When might we expect a fix?







      btw.   I'm on a Mac Pro (Early 2009) with a 2 x 2.66 Ghz quid-core intel xeon processor, 16GB memory, and an ATI Radeo HD 4870 512MB graphics card

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          tenorocity Level 1

          Let me add:  I'm on OSX Yosemite, 10.2.2

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            R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            First, a bit of curiousity ... the nom-de-plume "tenorocity" ... couldn't be based on the vocal category of "tenor" could it?


            As a hefty participant especially here and the SpeedGrade forum, and on certain others ... and a several year user & surveyor of their products/habits ... they've been busy beavers with less staff time available for forum participation than "typical". Something is Up in the background, clearly. Also ... NAB, the Really Big Show in Las Vegas is coming up early next month, and they'll want to at least have "full" demo's available on their new products to demo at that, if not completely release a couple.


            So ... couple the above with the open acknowledgments (in fact, rather more open than past history for Adobe) that quite a number of changes made in several products in the last cycle were either less than totally successful to ... completely problematic ... and including the UI being a visible challenge to many eyeballs ... and OS/plugin issues ... all of which not only Kevin but others have talked of rather candidly at times ... and yea, they're working hard on making something Better.


            Will it be perfectly so? Of course not ... there's SO many factors they have no control of and their also human which is to say errors WILL occur. LIke you, I'm hoping for better. I got hammered by the SpeedGrade GPU-dumping issue such that for a month or more I could NOT Direct Link to SpeedGrade and had to EDL or for some projects, grade first THEN open in PrPro ... thankfully one morning it just worked again. Right now, I can't get an EDL from PrPro that Sg will accept ... period. Strange flip, no? Sheesh!


            And every so often my PrPro will suddenly go flush-to-the edges full-frame of program-monitor content on BOTH monitors, and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up Window's Task Manager and shut down PrPro. Annoying but not  "killing" as I'm one that's learned to Ctrl-S anytime I do something "major". Half second of automatic finger-move I don't even think about saves a TON of re-doing. Wish the thing didn't crash on me, but I also wish I could work a wizard's wand. With Life being as it is not as I wist, well ... Ctrl-S is pretty fast. I will REJOICE if the next "ish" is more stable for me.


            For others like yourself, clearly, 8.2 has been a massive no-go. As often as Kevin and other staffers here have had to advise posters to roll-back and stay until there's a newer version that's stable for them, well ... each one of those is a huge embarrassment personally and professionally to the teams. I got to meet a number of the names you see down at NAB last year ... the private conversations were very illuminating and placed many things in shall we say a larger perspective. The staffers I met ... including a few administrative heads ... do care far more than they publicly seem to or are considered to here and other places. They have tremendous personal stake and pride in play here. They have limitations as to both the amount of resources and the decisions for the allocations of those resources for time/staffing between various issues within the programs that come up that of course they can NOT discuss publicly. Both from a perspective of being a publicly traded (stocks) firm which by law has limitations on public discussion of pending things that privately owned firms don't, and of course ... one simply doesn't go around saying "I think we should have done this and NOT that but ... my boss insisted so what the heck ... ". I've employed a number of people myself over the years, and though I'm certainly not perfect in any way shape or form, an employee broadcasting that about would not be getting my signature on any checks for very long. Adobe's no different.


            That they've been allowed to discuss the problems as openly as they have has actually cheered me. I'm hoping we'll get a product that is both easier to see and more stable while just working away using the tools already available.