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    Which tool you use today to build a multimedia presentation ?


      Hi, this is my first post


      Since many years I use Flash (and before Director) to build multimedia presentations to run on MAC and PC computers. Nowadays people are using less mobile pc and more ipads, so they ask for apps but they still want PC running presentations. Today I'm looking for a new toll that gives me the capacity to build presentations for different medium ( PC/MAC ipad, iphone, android devices, etc...)


      About the company

      I'm graphic designer (not developer) working on the marketing department of an healthcare company. I do all the communication stuff alone, so no help from outside. Most important tools we do is marketing material for our sellers.


      Last year I tried to use Quark X-press Digital Publishing to have an app for the ipad and I almost finished the app. Even if I can publish this app in Applestore, it does give me the solution for pc presentation.


      So which tool(s) you use to build a multimedia presentation in 2015 ? Maybe I need to go back to school.


      Thank you for your comments.


      PS - Dois je écrire en français ?


      Best regards