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    Forcing a non interaction event. Listeners just wont listen!!! Aaarg!

    Cinestar Interactive
      I'm trying to force a series of components to update themselves when the selected index of a comboBox has changed. This works perfectly fine when i manually click on the main combo box and make my selection. BUT... and here is the big BUTT...

      I have a movie clip that plays and when it ends it send an event to change the selected index on the main combox. The main combobox changes just fine, but everything else that is binded to it doesnt.

      Any ideas or suggestions as to how I can go about fixing this?

      Sa basically all listeners and events work fine when the user phically clicks on the items and triggers them. But when those events are sent out via the result of automation such as calling a function when a movie ends, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?