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    Include bold on Fixed layout Epub.


      Hi everybody, I'm really sorry for my english. I'm still working on it.


      I come here today with a major doubt. I never worked with fixed layout epubs before, but one of my clients needs a very long manual for one of her products and within it has formatting that can't be supported by a common epub file, so I decided to give a try to fixed layout epubs, everything was great except for one thing. I don't understand why, but it doesn't matter how many times I export, the words that have bold as attribute are shown as regular on Adobe digital editions. At first I thought it was a digital editions' thing, but my client send me some captures (She was testing it at Ibooks) and it was the same. I've been looking information like crazy the whole day, but I can't find anything. The only thing I found was that the fonts attributes to be specified in the css file, I opened at Calibre and I they were there, the bolds and italics and everything, but when I preview the file on Digital Editions, Nothing. Can someone help me? As I said above it is a pretty long document and it has a lot of bolded words so it would be really complicated to edit the line of code at dreamweaver for each word if that's a solution?