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    Creating a plugin extension from scratch.




      I am brand new to creating plugins, but know Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP very well. So I am trying to teach myself how to create an panel for Illustrator that queries a database. Since I have not been able to find much literature on this I thought I would start this thread and post issues as I progress in hopes that I can not only get my issues resolved, but that it will also serve as a reference for other newbies. So this is what I have done so far.


      1. Purchased the CC suite and installed Illustrator (it still says it's a trial even though I purchased it, but they tell me that will go away in 30 days)
      2. Installed the Java JDK from oracle (Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads)
      3. Installed Eclipse for Java Developers (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers | Packages) I should note this is my first time using Eclipse
      4. Installed Adobe Extension Builder 3 (Download Extension Builder 3 - Adobe Labs)
      5. I am now going through the steps of building the sample extension following the steps listed in the getting started guide.


      Here is where my fist issues arrises. Once the project wizard has completed and I right click run as Adobe Illustrator Extension I get the error path not found. So using the window->preferences I modified the path to illustrator. Now I am getting an error to check the location of CEP Service Manager. This (also in preferences) is currently set to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEPServiceManager4. Can anyone tell me what this should be set to to not get this error?

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          Ok after some extensive Googling I came across this article (Adobe Extension Builder and Creative Cloud 2014) which gives a rundown of all the settings that need to be made to your machine including changing the path in the settings. Below are the settings I used on a Windows machine since they are listed for mac in that article.


          Service Manager Root Folder = C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP

          User-Specific Service Manager Root Folder = C:\Users\current user\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP (note: the CEP folder did not exist. I just created a blank one)


          After completing these steps I was able to launch the panel without issue.


          Now the fun begins. I will keep this post updated.