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    Invalid Source error for 1 video out of 4

    BruceMCE Level 1

      I have created an EA project with 4 videos, and it works fine online. However, when I transfer it to a tablet (all of the files), only one of the videos displays "Invalid Source" in the video player. Each video is in its own Symbol and the Symbol is loaded onto the Stage by clicking a button. All of the videos are mp4 files and each player Symbol was created in exactly the same way. I thought it might be because the only video having the problem is not set to Autoplay, but I made it so it is set to Autoplay and the issue still occurs, so that's not it.


      Note that it only happens when I'm viewing it directly on the tablet. If I view the online version on the tablet, it works fine. Any ideas as to why the version played directly is messed up?