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    Pan and zoom tool


      When using this tool in premier 12 - is it possible to put a frame on the whole image - I am currently cannot do this.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          A question like this came up the other day.


          As I recall, in that case, there was a mismatch in aspect ratio between project settings and image to which the pan and zoom effect

          was being applied.


          1. Is a still or video file involved?


          2. What is the aspect ratio of the still or resolution of the video?


          3. What have you (manually) or the project (automatically) set as project preset to match the properties of the source media?

          See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General.


          4. Are you working with landscape or portrait oriented stills?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            jperumal Level 1


            I am using still images for which the aspect ratio is 1.0

            I dried both manual and automatic to change the project pre-set

            my still are both landscape and portrait

            when using previous versions of adobe premier and movie maker pan and zoom was a walk in the park

            Works well in this version except you cannot put a frame around the entire image. I am not sue whether the program is like that or I am doing something wrong.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              Please consider and then let me know if my explanation works for you.


              For now, I am addressing only landscape oriented photos in your project in the Pan and Zoom Tool workspace.


              The Square Pixel (1.0) is a pixel aspect ratio relating to the concept of square and non square pixel.


              Your photo has a frame aspect ratio which is determined by Frame width in pixels and Frame height in pixels. Here you are looking for 4:3 or 16:9.

              If you have a HD project, then look to the photo frame aspect ratio of 16:9. If you have a SD project, then look to the photo aspect ratio of 4:3.


              For example


              640 x 480 4:3


              1280 x 720 16:9

              1920 x 1080 16:9


              You can get a full description of all the project presets under File Menu/New/Project and Change Settings and the Change Settings list.


              To put together what you are using


              a. Photos....what are the pixel dimensions (frame width x frame height) - 4:3 or 16:9

              b. Project Settings...See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General and reading for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, Pixel Aspect Ratio (even if they look grayed out).

              4:3 or 16:9?


              I will comment further if needed based on a and b.


              Thank you.



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                jperumal Level 1


                I resized my photos to 1280 X 720 as well as

                to 1920 X 1080 as stated under edit - project setting-general

                Yet I am still unable to zoom (using the frames in pan in zoom) to the entire (full) photo, by using the four corners to stretch the frame.

                The photos that I initially wanted to use for the slide show are 946 X  768

                The biggest the frame can be expanded to is 2/3 the photo - I need it to expand to the full photo

                I strongly feel

                1. Version 12 of premier elements cannot do this or

                2. there was an error when loading

                3. I am not doing something right


                Sorry to bother you - I will not be at ease until I know the real reason for me being unable to achieve what I want

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  You are never a bother. So please continue to ask for clarification until we come to a mutual understanding on this.


                  If you are using a 16:9 project preset and have a 16:9 photo for the Pan and Zoom workspace, you should be able to do a full frame.


                  Example....1280 x 720 pixels photo in a Premiere Elements 12/12.1 NTSC AVCHD AVCHD LITE 720p project


                  1280 720 in same.JPG


                  Example 1920 x 1080 pixels photo taken into the same project as for the 1280 x 720 project


                  1920 1080 720pproject.JPG


                  Try this...instead of dragging on the handles to head for full frame selection, put the Frame in the center of the window and use the + in the -+ set at the lower right to

                  expand the frame inclusion until it will go no further - one tap at a time on the +.  As you get near its max, do not over tap or all that you will do will be to generate another frame.



                  Please review and consider then we can discuss your photo sizing, project, and your goals some more.





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                    jperumal Level 1


                    I also re-loaded premier elements 12 but still fail to frame an entire photo using all the directions  and guide lines you have given me.

                    My last two attempts I resized my photos twice

                    First time I reduced the height from 1200 to 1080 (Photoshop) reduced the width as well. Frame fitted the entire width and it covered 2/3 of the height hence I reduced the height again to 720 same result as the above (For both under edit - project setting - general shows my frame setting as 1920 (horizontal) 1080 Vertical.


                    You also mentioned using 12/12  maybe this is where the problem is my version is 12 and I just did my first update.


                    I never went to pre-sets or project setting  when working with Premier earlier l version using doing the pan and zoom tool - it worked fine

                    hopefully you will be able to resolve my issue

                    Really appreciate the assistance

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the follow up.


                      Let us go through this according to the following.


                      1. Project Preset


                      Open Premiere Elements 12/12.1 to its Expert workspace. Go to File Menu/New/Project and Change Settings.


                      In Change Settings, change the project preset to NTSC AVCHD AVCHD LITE 720p30.

                      (That represents 1280 x 1080 16:9 frame size.)

                      OK out of there.


                      In the new project dialog that comes up next, change the name of the project and make sure that there is a check mark

                      next to "Force Selected Project Setting on this Project". OK out of there.


                      2. Beforehand size a still to 1280 x 720 pixels. Do not depend on any Constrain Proportions feature. Uncheck that option and

                      actually type in Width 1280 and Height 720. Then import that 1280 x 720 still into Premiere Elements that you have set up according

                      to "1" above. Use the program's Add Media/Files and Folders for that...from Project Assets drag the 1280 x 720 to the Timeline Video Track 1.


                      3. Please refer back to my post 5 for further details on the Pan and Zoom workspace.


                      Please let us use the above results as our baseline.





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                        jperumal Level 1


                        Worked like a bomb if and when still is resized to 1280 x 720, but the stills loose their quality - persons are fatter or wider if and when one unchecks the constraint.

                        How do we overcome this

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the reply.


                          Issue Specific to the Use of Pan and Zoom Tool Workflow and Size of Frame(s) in that Workspace....


                          It is sounds like we are together on the stills frame aspect ratio should match the frame aspect ratio of the project settings.

                          And, we are together on setting the project preset. Right on both counts?


                          If so, the fatter and wider people should not be happening if you are taking a 1280 x 720 16:9 and resizing it to 1920 x 1080 16:9 or vice versa.

                          Both have 16:9 frame aspect ratios and should be used in a 16:9 project to get what you want.


                          Where you can get into problem resizing stills is when you are in the resizing process going from still 3:2 or 4:3 frame aspect ratio to still 16:9 frame aspect ratio.

                          Then you need to consider "cropping" instead of a straight resizing as done in the Process Multiple Files of Photoshop Elements.


                          Are we together on the above so far? If not, I will clarify what needs to be clarified. If you are OK with the above, then consider.


                          1. Create a undistorted still which has a frame aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9.


                          2. Take the undistorted still into a 4:3 or 16:9 project respectively.


                          If necessary, I will go through this again with screenshots.


                          Please let me know. I will even point the way to using 946 x 768 after appropriate cropping.


                          Thanks for looking at this again.



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                            jperumal Level 1


                            for me to use the pan and zoom tool without distortion I will have to crop my photos and or resize them.

                            I have tried the above and it works.


                            Please advise how does one determine the aspect ratio of a still (4:3 and 16:9)

                            My camera takes the following sizes of photo

                            4608 x3456

                            3264 x 2448

                            2272 x 1704

                            1600 x 1200

                            640 x 480

                            4608 x 2592

                            Thank you

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Thanks for the update.


                              All of the following still image sizes are 4:3

                              4608 x3456

                              3264 x 2448

                              2272 x 1704

                              1600 x 1200

                              640 x 480


                              The last one 4608 x 2592 is 16:9.


                              The typical frame aspect ratios are 3:2, 4:3; or 16:9. One way to know which is which

                              from the pixel dimensions is to divide width in pixels/height in pixels


                              If result = 1.333, that should be 4:3

                              If result = 1.778, that should be 16:9

                              If result = 1.5, that should be 3:2


                              Also, if you have not already, you might want to explore doing your still pan and zoom effects using

                              Motion Scale property (for zoom) and Motion Position property (for pan). See Applied Effects Tab/Applied

                              Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded.


                              Please let me know if you are OK with the over and if you need supplemental information on the keyframing of

                              Scale and Position way.


                              Best wishes



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                                jperumal Level 1

                                Hi AT,

                                Thank you for you patience and assistance

                                I now understand aspect ration of stills and how to determine

                                I have also become since our initial discussion fairly good with the pan and zoom tool and this is due to your understanding and patience as well as simplifying and clarifying all issues that I had enquiries about

                                once again thanks a lot.

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Thanks for the update with the great news that the Premiere Elements Pan and Zoom Tool is working for you. Great job of sorting through the troubleshooting details.


                                  You may not need the following information about Premiere Elements Pan and Zoom Tool in general and Pan and Zoom Tool as it relates to video, but I will post

                                  the links to that information if you need them in the future.



                                  Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Pan and zoom to create video-like effect

                                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11: Pan & Zoom Tool, More Than One Photo at a Time


                                  For Video:

                                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12/12.1: Pan and Zoom Tool and Video File


                                  Best wishes. Glad to have been of assistance.