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    3D camera tracker points suddenly not showing in viewport (active camera is selected)


      Hi everyone,


      First off I know this question has been asked a lot already, so let me just give a clear run through of my steps.

      1. Apply effect, analyze and solve.

      2. See tracking points, make a camera and start creating nulls. Everything is dandy for a while

      3. Suddenly no matter which comp I go to I can no longer see tracking points.

           (Footage layer is selected, the effect is selected, tried switching between active & 3d camera tracker views.)

      4. The points show up when I click "render track points" but of course they are not selectable.


      Running yosemite. AE 2014.1.1.


      Did my research but reached a dead end, sorry if the solution is obvious Thanks in advance for the help!