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    Exporting to Iphone


      SO basically I am using VSCO Film Packs in lightroom. I save and export the photos to my desktop & than email the photos to my iphone and the edits I made in Lightroom don't look the same on my iPhone 5S. Basically the color is a little off at times or a lot. How can I fix this?

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Even if your computer monitor is calibrated for color with a hardware calibrator the iPhone screen is not calibrated so you would be lucky if the color matches.  The color gamut of the iPhone may be a lot different than the computer.  If the computer screen is not calibrated than how do you know how to adjust the photo anyway.  On my iPad there was/is an app to use a Datacolor Spyder Calibrator that allowed you to calibrate the iPad screen to view calibrated photos only in the Spyder Gallery app.  It made the photos match a LITTLE closer but still not great.  The app may work on the iPhone also.