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    CC Libraries-- known issues? Update in near future?


      I got really excited when this newest update added CC Libraries to InDesign. Finally a library that my team at work can use simultaneously, which is a HUGE help. However, after spending an entire day working with CC Libraries, I can across a few issues that I'm wondering are known issues, and some pretty features that the old Libraries have that are definitely missing from CC Libraries that I'm REALLY HOPING will be fixed soon so that we can actually use these libraries instead of continue to dream of them.




      1. I had a completely library that was uploaded to the cloud and shared between my coworkers, and when I arrived at work the following day, 3/4 of the saved images, text styles, and colors were gone, both from my library and the cloud. Is this a usual glitch?


      2. The links in the CC libraries do not sync across platforms. I have a MAC whereas my coworkers work on PCs. The links between the two of them work, but if I link it from my computer, the link shows up an not linked. And Vice Versa. Only in CC Libraries does this happen, not regular files.




      1. Re-Order elements. It neither does this automatically in alphabetical order like the old libraries, nor can I do it manually.


      2. Search. The re-ordering wouldn't be such a big deal if there was a search feature.


      3. Tagging. Again, with the search feature there are no tags in order to search for anything but name (if that were even an option)


      4. Paragraph Styles. Would be fantastic.


      Could someone please let me know anything they may know?! Thanks!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Sharing Libraries is the newest feature, added only in December 2014. I'm sure it'll be fixed but please report your bug here:


          Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          Links are not yet supported properly. I'd suspect this will one of the earliest additions, though I have no way of knowing.


          I'd send your suggestions for improvement as feature requests to the same website.


          I'm fully aware of the limitations. I wrote an article on the new features in InDesign CC 2014 February update in the current issue of InDesign Magazine. Check it out if you have a subscription (available from InDesignSecrets.com).