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    Premiere Pro CS 6 will not capture 1440 x 1080i footage through firewire.

    ShockWave101010 Level 1

      Every time and without exception, whenever I attempt to capture 1440 x 1080i footage from a Sony camera, the application will crash and close.

      My capture settings are as follows:


      1) Capturing to external HD


      2) DV/ HDV Device Control and

      under "Options" I choose a standard

      Sony device being that my camera

      (HVR-Z1U) is not listed.


      3) Using firewire 800


      What's going on here? Is there something I am doing wrong. Or is this a bug. Everything else captures fine. For example when I use a Panasonic

      DVX or HVX it works perfect.


      Please help.