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    Lightroom panels 'rendered twice'?


      This is really strange and I cannot find anything mentioning it elsewhere so I hope someone can help.
      I am running Lightroom 5.7.1 on Windows 7 Home Premium on a brand new PC. Processor: Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz; 16Gb RAM; Nvidia GTX960 2Gb.

      When I start LR I see the standard splash screen but this occasionally has a wide white translucent boarder around it.  More annoying is that when using the Loupe in Library or when in Develop modes the bottom panel (thumbnails) or the left hand panel is partially rendered across the top of the photograph (example below). This can be removed by using the TAB key to remove the panels and then bring them back, but changing mode will reintroduce the problem.  I have set each panel to reveal or be hidden manually. I have changed the display cable from DVI to Displayport with no effect. I have uninstalled LR and reinstalled from CC and from the manual download but the issue still occurs. I have created a new catalogue - no images - on the SSD that the application runs from and the same rendering is present. No other application (PS CC2014, Bridge, MS Office, Chrome etc.) have any issues similar or otherwise with the way they display.
      Has anyone encountered this before or got any idea what the problem might be?  Many thanks.


      Lightroom problem.JPG