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    load swf coloring book problems

      I made a flash coloring book. I want add the pages with a loadMovie into an empty mc.


      The rollover effects work but the coloring part does not. Here is the code for one of the coloring mc's.

      on(release) {
      _root.hue = 0x666666;
      colorselected = new Color (_root.selected) ;
      colorselected.setRGB(_root.hue) ;
      now here is the code for the part I want to be colored which is in the loadedmovie.
      on(release) {
      fillshade = new Color (_root.horsebody) ;
      fillshade.setRGB(_root.hue) ;
      the gotoandplay part plays a sound and it works but the coloring part does not. Any suggestions? thanks