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    Question regarding object layer visibility options


      I have an Illustrator (2014) graphic of an exploded view of an object. I place this graphic in several different InDesign (2014) documents and use different layer options with each, depending on the features of the object I am using.


      The graphic always has the same amount of layers. So, let's say it has ten layers. In each document I may use anywhere from 4-10 of those layers.


      What I am finding is that ANYTIME I do anything to the Illustrator graphic, InDesign is telling me the layers are different and it then updates it according to the layer visibility in the Illustrator file - which is all 10 layers. I have MULTIPLE documents I use this graphic in, and there are sometimes very slight changes in the graphic. I have "keep layer visibility overrides" selected, too.


      What is the point of retaining the object's visibility options if it's going to make me reselect all the correct layers all over again? I have read the solutions about how you can't add layers and all that stuff, and I totally get that. But I haven't added or subtracted layers in this graphic at all.


      This ultimately ends up being a HUGE waste of time, but necessary. What am I doing wrong?