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    Sort by Path in Lightroom?

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      We can sort by Capture or Filename.... but why not by Path Name? If I resort my pictures into Folders A, B, and C, there doesn't seem to be a way to resort the view starting with A, then B, then C.


      When I want to rename all the files with a new job and image number, unless I click on one folder (and sub folder) at a time, there is no way to ensure they are renamed in sequence. Am I missing something? Is there a plugin that can do it?

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          You could add the pics in each folder to a collection, doing the folders in order sorted by their name. and then renaming the pics in the collection. You could make that go pretty quickly by setting the collection as the target collection, and then as you click on each folder in turn, do Cmd/Ctrl-A (Select All) followed by "B" (Add To Target Collection).


          If the manual method is too tedious for you, the List View plugin can create a collection sorted by many different metadata fields, including path.