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    Replacing existing app


      I already have LR 5 installed on my Mac. What will happen to the catalogue etc if I download the subs version?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Photoshop Lightroom forum.

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            DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

            Quote "if I download the subs version?"



            If you mean download and install the latest version of LR 5, on my Mac the prior version application is replaced.

            The Catalog, Preferences and personal files remain in place. 

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              PeteScR Level 1

              Thanks for replying.

              I have been using Lr5 on my Mac now for a while, and it exists on my Mac as an App. This is all set up with my catalogue and settings, presets etc. I was wondering what would happen if I transfered over to the subscription version with Ps included.

              Will I have two apps for Lr5 one set up and one new, or will the downloaded version recognise I already have Lr5 all set up already and use that one?

              I am apprehensive to download the subscription to Lr5 and Ps CC if it is going to screw up my existing Lr5 set up.

              Looking for some advice from others who have done this already.


              Thank You