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    How do I import image sequences with gaps (missing number groups) without AE filling in test pattern? + AE vs. Premier + YouTube questions


      When I import a numbered image sequence with gaps (jumps over some groups of numbers), AE fills in the gaps with test pattern frames. How do I prevent AE from filling in the gaps with blank time? Or is there an easy way to delete these frames?


      I want to do some basic editing -- speeding up sections or pausing at certain frames, with a possible flame effect added near the end. I will also need to record a voice-over track and possibly add a music soundtrack to add to the video.

      Is this kind of work best suited to AE or Premier Pro?

      I am unfamiliar with Premier and quite new to AE, so I am hoping to find the easiest way to accomplish this (considering not only ease of accomplishing the editing tasks, but also learning curves).


      Background: I have a three minute sequence at 30fps of 1980x1020 PNGs, and plan to compile them into a video that I can post to YouTube and also on a crowdfunding campaign page, and also embed (via YouTube) in a web page. I haven't a lot of experience with YouTube, but I assume that it will adapt the resolution delivered (and therefore download size) to match the end user, so for example, a mobile device viewer can easily view the animation without having to download a big HD version of the video. For this reason it seemed to make sense to render the sequence at the highest practical resolution. Does this sound like a good strategy?


      Any tips from people experienced with this process will be much appreciated!