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    Export whitewashing problem


      I finally decided that Lightroom is worth of paying the yearly fee and got my LR registered. The very same day I wanted to play with the LR and found a problem when exporting heavily altered photo to a file (or trying to upload it to Flickr).


      The idea was to create satellites around the moon, using the image noise as an effect. The problem is that the image is not shown the same between develop and library modules. I have removed the image from Flickr publishing library and added it again. Situation is still the same. I have also restarted LR


      As far as I can debug the problem, the difference is not related to flickr plugin. The whitewashing problem is visible even if I'm exporting the photo from devellop module to my hard drive.


      Is there something I do wrong or how can I get the photo I like out from Lightroom, without using the computer's screenshot.




      Screenshot of Develop module


      Screenshot from Library module



      And the exported image:


      Finally how the photo is shown on Flickr
      20150303-IMG_7144.jpg | Flickr - Photo Sharing!



      Thanks for all possible help!