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    CSS tags causing editing problems

      I am working on a site to use with Adobe Contribute. I have coded the site with some special CSS and javascript that displays text when a image is rolled over. To hide the text before the image is rolled over I am using css display: none tag. When I open the page in Contribute Editor I don't see the display: none areas to be able to update them. I want the person that will be maintaining the site to be able to update those editable regions that are not displayed. Is there anyway to show all div tags while editing wether or not it is hidden? Or is there anything else that I can do?

      I am also using the tag overflow: auto to create a scrollbar when there is more text then height on a specific area. Contribute doesn't seem to like this tag and is not allowing me to update the text within it. I see the text, but it doesn't let me click in it. Is there anything that you suggest I can do to fix this?

      Please Help!