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    flash email form w/ cold fusion

      Im just seeing if anyone can help me. I am attempting to create a flash and coldfusion email form. Here is the action script for the submit button

      on (release) {

      myLoadVars = new LoadVars();
      myLoadVars.subject = subject.text;
      myLoadVars.email = email.text;
      myLoadVars.username = username.text;
      myLoadVars.message = message.text;
      myLoadVars.sendAndLoad("contactform.cfm", myLoadVars, "POST");

      this.onEnterFrame = function() {
      if (this.send_data.loaded) {


      Now the location of the submit button and the text boxes are on the same layer, frame and on the main timeline. Its frame one. frame two is were it says "thank you, your mail has been sent." i dont know if there is any other special action scrpit i need to do. I added the vars to each input text box, such as the var for the message box i put message. i dont know if i need to put "myLoadVars" anywhere else. Well, here is the cold fusion script


      < cfmail

      to ="my email"
      from = "#form.email#"
      subject = "#form.subject#"
      server = "my server"
      username = "my username"
      password = "my password">

      name : #form.username#
      email : #form.email#
      message : #form.message#

      < / cfmail >


      now i didnt put my personal stuff, i just put like "my email" instead to just show u what goes there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks