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    Help me with my build


      I purchased cs5 master back in 2012 for premiere and photoshop, shortly thereafter my laptop's video card fried. My cash has gone in different directions since then, but now an editing machine has become a necessity. I still have cs5, which I plan to use. I will be editing gopro 1080p, mainly short clips (up to 5min) with the occasional 30 min video. 


      I thought about building a 4790k, but the savings is only $300 compared to the 5820k build I put together (Intel Core i7-5820K, EVGA GeForce GTX 960, Cooler Master HAF X - System Build - PCPartPicker). This is my first build, it will be mainly for CS5, I'll also have to use it for complex excel workbooks. I'd appreciate it if you all would take a look and suggest anything that would make better sense. I'm unsure about my cooler and video card selections.


      I'd like to stay at about $2200, but my absolute max is $2500 - of course I'm open to saving money, if it makes sense.  


      I plan on using my drives as follows: 

      120 SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD - OS

      120 SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD - projects/export

      256 SAMSUNG 850 PRO - cache/preview

      2TB Barracuda -Media

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          Alexander Eberhard Level 1

          You shall at least consider the following system requirments:


          I7 4790k

          16 ram

          For cs5 gtx 760 or 680

          Disc Setup:

          Chance all SSDs to the new 850 pro series

          Chance the seagate to a WD black 

          750 PSU shall be fine

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            trayw48535159 Level 1

            Alexander, thanks for the reply.


            I compared the two builds, but changed the GPU instead of the two cards you've suggested (they're discontinued):

            16gb ram

            GTX 750ti
            Changed SSD to Pro Series
            Kept the seagate (purchased a while back and never used)

            750 PSU

            The difference is only $400, but my problem is that I don't understand if it's worth saving $400 to build a 4790k. I don't have a problem shelling out an additional $400 if it's going to give me better performance and/or be chaper in the long run...thoughts?

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              Alexander Eberhard Level 1

              Well, the 4790k is absolutely fine for editing gopro 1080p footage. If you want to go beyond, editing 2k.or 4k, highly compressed footage, a more sufficant CPU like a 6core is required. Just keep in mind that the new haswell will need a 2011-3 Motherboard which only supports ddr4 ram. Your build will be much more experience.


              If you want to be save in the future and have the budget, just go for it.




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                trayw48535159 Level 1

                Good points. Yeah, I think the 5820k may be a better option based on what you've said. Thanks again!

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                  JEShort01 Level 4

                  For your goals and your budget, my suggestions include:

                  i7-5820k - awesome (DDR4 is fast and reportedly helpful for PPro, x99 is way expandable with faster CPUs if you ever want to upgrade)

                  MSI motherboard - I much prefer Asus; x99 is still having some memory compatibility teething issues and I think that Asus is probably the best bios out there today for the new chipset

                  256 GB Samsung 850 pro - use for boot drive and caching; if that is not fast enough, add a second 256GB 850 Pro; don't consider the EVO drives for video editing

                  1000 watt Supernova p/s for only $109 after rebate - I actually quite like this choice; oversized p/s's can help with fan noise and system longevity

                  2TB Seagate - fine

                  EVGA GTX 960 2GB - fine too

                  case - I love the HAF line for pricing and solid cooling; a HAF 932 would be plenty large enough for your build and save you some cash. I have a HAF 932 with 10 hard drives (5 in supermicro hot-swap cage), full  water-cooled loop, 2 SSDs, 1250 watt p/s and its not really that cramped when I need to mess with anything (Cooler Master's cable mgmt. is pretty nice)

                  G Skill RAM - fine; I don't know that particular p/n, if I were you I would pick a RAM set (4x8GB) that would provide for the option to expand to 64GB at a later date


                  Now, on a subject that you did not ask about... CS5 is pretty old and not very supported at all. If you are sure that it will serve your GoPro needs fine. Upgrading to CS6 or CC 2014 (subscription only unfortunately) may be worth considering.





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                    trayw48535159 Level 1

                    Thanks for the tips and detailed opinion Jim!

                    Sounds like you have quite a bit in that HAF 932. I tried to find one, but they're nowhere to be found. I considered that case first hoping it would be large enough, but I think I realized they weren't available back then.



                    I'm selecting an Asus X99 A after seeing the difference in it and the pro being wifi and another m2, that board looks promising and well worth the extra $ - thanks for that tip!

                    I want to make sure I understand the drive suggestion. You're saying to run a 256 PRO and the 2TB, and another 256 IF I feel one isn't fast enough? If so, I'll be configuring the two drives like in the tweakers chart and it will be good enough?

                    Now the elephant in the room, the five year old software I plan on running . To be honest, I haven't paid attention over the years to know the differences in 5.5, 6, and cc. I planned on working in 5.5 once I am up and running and at least upgrade to 6 once I've found the differences. I really hate the fact that cc is subscription.

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                      JEShort01 Level 4



                      Wow, the $99/$109 HAF 932 options do indeed seem to have disappeared. Check out the Fractal Designs R5 models. I would prefer one of those vs. the HAF series to do a nice, quiet, but well cooled video editing build in 2015. I love my HAF, but if I did not have it in a ventilated cabinet, I would prefer a case with a baffled front for noise reasons. I also prefer the wider look vs. the tall, skinny HAF-X look. Cases are a personal choice though, so get one that you will enjoy in your life and in the space that you have to place it.


                      Regarding the single 256GB 850 Pro, I feel it will be plenty of drive to provide "double-duty" for OS, programs, and all scratch, cache, etc. Samsung's free utility is pretty good too to keep your SSD "fresh" (fast). You can always another SSD later if you feel the need. Remember, you have set a price point here! You definitely want to keep balanced and not spend too much in just one area.


                      Regarding CS5, CS6, CC 2014 etc. and GoPro media, if Adobe will give you a nice upgrade price to get a permanent licensed CS6, I'd say go for it. If not, I really suspect CS5 could be frustrating. The CC subscription only licensing is so annoying, but I can say that Adobe is not sitting still and the software does continue to improve so far as feature set and performance go. I see a lot of posts complaining about crashes, etc. with CC 2014, but for my use with photos, AVCHD, Nikon DSLR, and Sony 4k CC 2014 works great with solid hardware and Win7/8.1.


                      Good luck!



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                        JFPhoton Level 3

                        ....if you are talking just editing Go Pro footage......and not the 4K, but 1080p......there is a free utility available at Go Pro which provides the formerly expensive Cineform codec to transcode the highly compressed and difficult original footage into a more " CPU friendly" AVI virtually lossless codec.  This allows editing using CS 5 on an underpowered computer whose CPU may be weak.

                        Several gaming laptops with Haswell CPUs, ( 4700HQ and above), and decent NVidia GPUs, ( 765m and above), are available refurbished ,or, slightly used  for $1,000 and under. Some of these are easily self-upgradeable where adding memory up to 32GB is possible, as well as installing SATA III quality SSDs in two,or more internal drive bays....Crucial M550 or better SSDs are highly recommended for video as they are much cheaper than the Samsung 850 Pro series,but, have the required controller and MLC flash memory, ( not TLC ).

                            Of course, for SERIOUS editing, you would NOT be wanting to use the old CS5.....the new CCloud  PPro has become light years ahead of the old versions......especially in handling 4K, Canon MOV files, and increasing memory usage to improve performance. Using the CURRENT PPro , you would definitely want to save enough money up and go with the Haswell E, X99 solution, which has been mentioned. Visit the "Haswell E  Benchmark Results" thread here on this forum to see Eric's test results with various CPUs and GPUs using PPro. Also, visit PPBM7.com to see how various machines performed on this benchmark test that was written for PPro performance testing.

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                          trayw48535159 Level 1

                          What a day...spent all day gathering parts. I got all the internals and case slightly above 1.7K. Found a killer deal locally on the 5820k and X99 A, saved $110 between the both of them. I should be in the upper range of 1.6k after rebates, as long as I don't forget to send them off.


                          I checked out the R5, I like the simplicity of the case (no one will see it) and the ability to rearrange the racks. It's very spacious as well...I ended up going with it. Changed the GPU from Evga to MSI after reading about how noisy it is. 


                          I use 4 black GoPros, have been using their editing software until now (just to keep up with my obligations) and stayed with 1080p while doing so. But, I want to at least move to 2.7K, so I'm sure I'll be moving up with PP. I'm also waiting to hear more about cannons new action cam, so moving up will be inevitable.


                          Thanks for the help guys!