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    Import - missing characters

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      I have 2 issues with importing text to captivate 8.



      If I import text from word document into captivate 8 that contains dashes and bullet points, these characters are missing after import. Where there should be dashes and bullet points there are just double spaces. Any idea why this happens and how to fix it?



      I cannot import text via XML. I was just testing this function if it would solve my missing characters problem but when i try to import any XML i get error "Cannot Import XML" and no further details why. I even tried exporting XML, changing just one word in content. Same result. Even if I export XML and try to import it right back without any changes i get the same error.


      Thanks for any advice,


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          Hi there


          How exactly are you "importing text"? I'm not aware of any import function for Word documents.


          As for the XML, that function is for people that need to export XML to send the text to a translator. I believe the format is XLIFF. The translator translates and sends back the modified XML file and you import that back into the project to influence changes.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Hi Rick,


            thanks for the quick response.


            By importing text from word i meant I exported the captivate project by File ->Export -> Project Captions and Closed Captions… which gives you double column word document. I sent the document to translator. Then I Imported the translated word document by File ->Import -> Project Captions and Closed Captions… So far i have worked on 4 different languages and all of them were missing the dashes and bullet points after importing, so i guess it is not language-specific problem.


            Regarding the XML, thats what i am trying to do, send it to translator. I followed the steps in this help article Adobe Captivate Help | Import, export, and delete content

            In the step 6 of exporting it says to translate the text inside of the tags. So I copy-pasted translated texts over the original source english texts. Then I tried to import this "translated" XML file back with "cannot import XML" error.