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    cfhttpparam xml issues

    romeogq Level 1
      I have searched but with no answer. I am getting a '500 Internal Server Error' when:

      -- <cffunction name="propertySearch" output="false" returntype="xml">
      -- blah blah
      -- <cfxml variable="res_search">
      -- -- blah blah
      -- </cfxml>
      -- <cfhttp method="POST" url=" http://www.res99.com/xml/xps.cgi">
      -- -- <cfhttpparam type="xml" value="#res_search#" />
      -- </cfhttp>

      When #res_search# is cfoutput-ed to a blank page I do get pure XML.

      In addition, I have tried trim()-ing the #res_search#, but recieved the same result.
      When contacting the tech support which the request XML is being sent to, they're confused as shhh. They say the XML is perfect.

      Oh Yea, the error is occuring on the cfhttpparam line.