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    livecycle form

    Ali Haider shiblu


      i have a pdf form made by adobe livecycle designer. here there r 2 fields. say one field A and anothe is B . i want to populate info in field b which will depend on value of A. IF i put 4 in A then B will 17., if A 5 B 21 .... etc. can u pls help to make such tye of code? 



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          scottc30727408 Level 1

          I am limited with Livecycle but I am going to try to help you as best I can. This solution may be helpful.



          For field A you will need a script. JavaScript. On the change event. It should be similar to the one below.




          Text.Field.A.rawValue == 4


          Text.FIeld.B.rawValue == 17


          Text.Field.A.rawValue == 5


          Text.Field.B.rawValue ==21




          This code should get you on the right track. You can repeat sections of this code to allow for more bindings. Please forgive any scripting mistakes. As I said, this is only meant to help get you on the right track.