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    Dreamweaver: cannot find CSS Designer


      I need some help. I am trying to find the tab or panel that allows me to use the CSS Designer. I try to follow the videos that Adobe posts on learning how to use Dreamweaver, but it doesn't help a lot cause i can never find any of the buttons the videos are using. Espcially now, I cannot find the tool to allow to edit using CSS. I need some help here.

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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Go to Window > CSS Designer or hit Shift + F11 to open the CSS Designer.


          If those don't bring it up, you're likely using a version that is older than the addition of the CSS Designer (DWCS6 or earlier).


          Go to Help > About Dreamweaver to check your version.


          If you do have CC or later and only get the old CSS Panel when you go to that menu or hit the shortcut, it would mean you need to hit Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P to switch the CSS Panel to the Designer.