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    Passing Variable through .INI file to Flash

    AshokSuccess Level 1
      Hello ,

      I stucked into one problem Actually I want to load the "Image " Dynamically inside flash without hard Coding it.
      I want that it should read the variable from any other file like .XML,.HTML,.INI etc so that user can change the name ...resulting the desire image to load inside Flash.

      I have used two code.

      loadVariables("VIPLOGO.png", "THEIMAGE");
      import flash.display.BitmapData
      /var container:MovieClip = createEmptyMovieClip("container", getNextHighestDepth());
      /var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();

      This loading the hard coded image file name. Which i dont want.

      and the other is

      var myStyle:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      content_txt.styleSheet = myStyle;
      content_txt.multiline = true;
      content_txt.wordWrap = true;
      content_txt.html = true;
      var story:XML = new XML();
      story.ignoreWhite = true;
      story.onLoad = function() {
      content_txt.htmlText = story;

      its reading the HTML file but in this I have made the CSS file as comment and the problem coming with this is the image is not coming at desire place.

      I want any a simple method , So that a layman can also change the file name and that should effect the Flash Movie.

      Please help me out!