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    Adobe Creative Cloud Admin Issues


      I am on a Windows 7, 64 bit operating system. 


      I have a user that I had to get up and running with InDesign, so this is what I did:


      • I created an account for her. 
      • I installed creative cloud and because the computer is connected to a LAN it asked for admin privileges.  I signed in and downloaded it. 
      • Once installed, I logged in with the user's brand new account and attempted to download InDesign. 
      • An error occured with the Microsoft C++ install so I exited Creative Cloud and downloaded and installed and restarted for the C++ install.


      This is when it starts gettting weird.


      • Once back in the computer, I opened Creative Cloud, logged in and went to "Apps".  It processed and then gave me "Download Error" and "click here to install Creative Cloud".
      • Figuring something may have gone wrong I reinstalled Creative Could and it still gave me the "Download Error".  Opening InDesign during this error showed "0 days in Trial".


      At this point I realized the Admin Privileges were messing up so I exited Creative Cloud and then ran it as an administrator and it popped right up.  So, I opened InDesign and it showed "30 days in Trial".  I thought "great, now this user can open her file and get to work."  However, when she attempted to access our server through InDesign, it had locked her out.  Yet, if InDesign and Creative Cloud is shut down, and then Creative Cloud is opened without "Run as Administrator" and it give the "Download Error", InDesign can be opened and not read any trail left (because it is not reading that your are logged in) but it CAN access the server.


      This is maddening!!!  Why is this users Creative Cloud and InDesign privileges so messed up?