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    File Format options not appearing in the Save As dialog box - InDesign CC


      So i was working with a legacy file (an .eps from illustrator4) that i placed into InDesign CC, and when i went to export as a jpg, the option to choose a different file format from the bottom of the dialog box was gone. Did i hit some crazy shortcut to remove the options, or is this a bug that occurs when working with certain legacy files? I've restarted InDesign, rebooted my laptop, deleted my Adobe preferences, reset my adobe warning dialogs, and I still cant export or save as any other file format because the option doesnt appear. And it doesnt matter if i create a new file or open an existing one. Please help. See the pic below. No option for file format on the bottom of the dialog box.

      Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.04.25 PM.png